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Road safety : focus on vulnerable users

November 2015

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This advocacy briefing paper shows the challenges to implementing road safety, the benefits of safe roads for communities, the international legal framework that discusses road safety in policy, suggestions for what individual actors can do to increase mobility and vehicle safety, and finally how to measure the progress of road safety programmes


Policy paper

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in practice : a toolkit with a collection of resources, checklists and examples on CD ROM for SDC and its partners


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This toolkit includes a five-step approach to mainstreaming HIV and AIDS. The first steps guide organisational and context analyses, which form a base for developing workplace and operational contributions to the response to the epidemic. It emphasises the importance of monitoring and evaluation from the outset, and sharing knowledge and experience about mainstreaming. A CD ROM accompanies the printed version of this manual, and includes checklists, resources and good practice examples. Though these are not accessible on the internet, they are listed in both the print and electronic versions of the toolkit for reference

Global spending on HIV/AIDS in resource poor settings

KATES, Jennifer
July 2002

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This policy brief looks at the range of resources currently being expended to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in resource poor settings (developing countries and countries in transition). It includes bilateral, multilateral and private sector support as well as domestic spending by recipient country governments. There are also reports on philanthropic giving by the business community and pharmaceutical companies. There are estimates of global funding requirements and estimates on current spending. It is noted that tracking mechanisms are often ill-equipped to provide current data on spending patterns. Little is known about exact ways in which the money is spent


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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