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Using social transfers to improve human development

February 2006

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This note provides an introduction to how social transfers - particularly cash transfers and vouchers - can improve human development, particularly for the extreme poor and socially excluded

Disability, poverty and the Millennium Development Goals [whole issue]

SIZER, Alison
February 2005

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Issue focusing on the discussions at a roundtable held in Malawi on the theme Disability, Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals. The discussions focused on challenges to engaging decision makers with disability issues, overcoming the challenges, disability and the MDGs, and a framework for action. The roundtable was organised by Healthlink Worldwide as part of DFID's Disability Knowledge and Research (DisabilityKaR) Programme. It was hosted by the Federation of Disability Organisations or Malawi (FEDOMA)

One step further : responses to HIV/AIDS

December 2002

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This volume, a collaboration of Swedish SIDA and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), presents research on the social and developmental aspects of HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment. The papers highlight treatment and prevention, epidemiological analysis, stigma and discrimination, human rights, the role of the private sector, and community responses and innovative approaches to open discussion of sexuality and risk behaviour

Reducing poverty : is the World Bank's strategy working?


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A report on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund's (IMF) revised strategy for poverty alleviation, the Poverty Reduction Strategy approach (PRSP). These are plans drawn up by poor-country governments to focus their resources and aid on reducing poverty, with input from civil society. This report reviews experience so far, and examines criticism levelled by NGOs that PRSPs don't address the difficult problem of poor countries' position the world trading system

UNDEF update

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This newsletter highlights news from the fields as well as a selection of readings on related topics
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