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The Millennium Development Goals report 2008


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This UN Report summarizes progress towards the Millennium Development Goals between 2000 and 2008, for the world as a whole and for various country groupings. It also considers factors that may affect future progress towards achieving the goals by 2015

Children and adults with disabilities

Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA)
December 2005

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This position paper concerns the processes for mainstreaming disability in development cooperation. Specifically, it is concerned with the ways in which SIDA can ensure that disabled people are active participants in development work and decision-making processes. The paper includes strategic areas for including persons with disabilities in SIDA's policies and programmes (on education, HIV and AIDS, poverty reduction, etc) along with a range of useful resources on global disability rights and websites on disability issues. This paper would be useful to anyone with an interest in mainstreaming disability in development cooperation, and in particular, to policy-makers, NGOs, and disabled people's organisations

Support to mainstreaming AIDS in development : strategy note and action framework 2004-2005


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This UNAIDS strategy note sets out the rationale and suggests a framework for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in development work. It proposed a working definition of the concept of mainstreaming, and suggests that mainstreaming occurs on four levels: global and regional, through UN agencies and transnational organisations; national, through government ministries, large NGOs, national employers; sectoral through ministries, private companies and civil society organisations; and sub-national, through local government and NGOs, and small companies. It summarises the lessons learned and the main challenges in current practice. Finally, it presents an overview of the UNAIDS Secretariat's strategic considerations and planned activities to support mainstreaming in partner countries

Financial resource flows for population activities in 2002


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Population activities range from family planning programmes, to demographic and contraceptive research and the formulation of family polices. In 2002 primary funds for population assistance reached almost $USD2.9 billion. Crucially, a conspicuous amount of donor expenditures went to STD/HIV/AIDS programmes. The report illustrates in detail the flow of financial resources for population activities in 2002, and shows the extent to which developing countries rely heavily on international aid and loans to finance their programmes


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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