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HIV & AIDS - stigma and violence reduction intervention manual

PRASAD, Nandini

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This manual is a guide for community-based organisations to facilitate a community-led and -owned process that addresses stigma and gender-based violence in HIV & AIDS prevention efforts. It is based on findings from the Stigma and Violence Reduction Intervention (SVRI) project, conducted in Andhra Pradesh, India from 2003 to 2005. It is divided into sections: a discussion of three tools that can be used in participatory development projects (participatory learning and action, community-led action research (CLAR) and transformatory workshops); a general guide for implementing community-led action research; a description of the CLAR process among the key populations of the SVRI project and the plans of action that they developed based on this process; the challenges and lessons learned in implementing a community-owned process to address stigma and gender-based violence, and some conclusions. Appendices provide a sample toolkit with a series of workshops designed for the populations who participated in the SVRI project. Although designed specifically for this project, the activities and format could be adapted for use by similar projects working with other populations or in other countries


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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