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ILEP learning guide four : how to prevent disability in leprosy

MAHATO, Margaret

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"This book is for all health workers who may have to help people who have nerve damage to their eyes, hands and feet. It will help them to encourage patients to develop a lifetime habit of caring for nerve-damaged parts. The content of this book complements the recommendations in the Operational Guidelines of the World Health Organization"
Note: This resource is available to download in three parts

Resilience and success of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia

TEFERRA, Tirussew

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"This is an empirical cross-disability study among successful persons with hearing, visual and motor impairments. It tries to explore the threads of resilience which may be attributed to personal as well as environmental factors within the Ethiopian context. As it is the first attempt in the country, it is presumed to bring a fresh insight in the field and serve as a basis future intervention and research endeavour"
Chapter 5 from the book "Disability in Ethiopia: Issues, Insights and Implications" by Tirussew Teferra

Training curriculum for the African visually impaired youth empowerment project (AVIYEP)


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This resource is the training curriculum for the African Visually Impaired Youth Empowerment Project (AVIYEP). The purpose is to strengthen the participation of youth in AFUB training programmes and workshops on a range of key issues, including: effective leadership and organisational skills; practical skills on planning, implementing and monitoring project work, human rights, gender mainstreaming, advocacy and lobbying; and HIV & AIDS awareness, prevention and management


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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