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Community development journal|an international forum

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An international journal that aims to promote the theory and practice of community development. It includes case studies and articles from all parts of the world. It also analyses the political, social and economic dimensions of community work and the role of governments in fostering sustained development, in both rural and urban settings
Four times a year
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This 'how-to' newsletter is aimed at all health workers, covering a different topic in each issue. Topics have included breastfeeding, pesticides, participatory education, appropriate technology, health and nutrition, community based health care, visual aids, women and development, agriculture, and co-operatives.There is also a World Neighbors e-newsletter
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Illuminating voices

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Through a global team of local journalists, this magazine reports on development issues that are often neglected by mainstream media
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Journal of human development, disability and social change

GAUCHER, Charles

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The bilingual Journal of Human Development, Disability and Social Change focuses on the development and diffusion of knowlege about personal and environmental determinants of the social participation of people with disabilities. The journal values "interdisciplinary", "cross-disability" and "transgenerational" perspectives: all disciplines, impairments and disabilities, as well as age groups are included. The publication accepts submissions from authors discussing about the rehabilitation, adaptation, social participation and people with disabilities human rights fields
Two issues per year



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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