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Health research for development initiative in Vietnam (HRDI ): impact evaluation results

WILLIAMS, Katherine
December 2009

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This evaluation report provides information about building health research capacity in Vietnam between 2004 and 2009. The Population Council Vietnam partnered with the Hanoi School of Public Health and Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty of Public Health to enahnce research skills, provide competitive awards and develop a network to link fellows to various national and international institutes and conferences. This report is useful to health and development practitioners interested in building health research capacity Vietnam

Impact assessment : measuring what matters

SARMA, Jaisankar
VICARY, Bernard

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In program assessment, impact can refer to outcomes that are shown to be caused by a program, and which would not have occurred in the absence of the program. Evaluation of impact in this sense involves analysis of causal relationships. This has been most successfully accomplished when assessing empirical indicators, in comparison to other social and cultural indicators associated with development. Assessing causal relationships when evaluating community development programs remains very challenging. Evaluations often have credible conclusions about results, but only provide hints about impact, in this sense.
The concepts and principles in this paper apply more to long-term community based development programs rather than disaster response programs. They are written from the perspective of an NGO practitioner, where evaluation is seen as part of the overall program cycle and normal program activities

Suriname indigenous health fund (SIH Fund)

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This is the website for a project which gives indigenous people in Suriname's interior Greenstone Belt region with the materials and technical support they need to self-diagnose the effects of mercury pollution from gold-mining on their community's and their environment's health


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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