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CBR works best the way local people see it and build it

January 2003

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"The growth in availability of practical information by which people may manage disability in home and local community, and some problems of transmission and cultural adaptation, are reviewed. There is a growing menace of simplistic globalised packages, promoted by deeply confused 'flying experts', ignoring or dismissing the indigenous concepts, knowledge and skills that are essential to success in disability service innovation"
Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal, Vol 14, No 1

Dialogue : expanding the response to HIV/AIDS. A resource guide

ANKRAH, Maxine E

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This resource guide provides..." information and guidance to organizations and individuals who wish to explore or use dialogue as a strategy in HIV/AIDS prevention programming...The unique contribution of this resource package is that it attempts to reach a new and diverse audience, introducing gender as a concept that is integral to effective dialogue. Finally, it provides guidelines for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the strategy


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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