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Management of children with deafblindness with cerebral palsy part 2 : developing fine motor skills


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Children with deafblindness sometimes experience a range of associated conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. Often children with deafblindness and cerebral palsy can experience difficulties in participation which impacts their abilities to learn, explore and express themselves in their immediate environment. This booklet provides activities to facilitate the development of fine motor skills and play skills with children with deafblindness to maximise their participation in daily activities

National Resource Centre for Inclusion (NRCI)


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This website contains a wide range of publications for sale in both English and Hindi covering many aspects of disability. The website also describes projects currently being carried out by NRCI, on inclusive education in early childhood and research. NRCI organises conferences called 'North-South Dialogues' and documents from these conferences can be downloaded from the website



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