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Sustainable ICT

May 2004

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This website was created as part of a DFID-funded research programme on sustainability factors in ICT for development projects. It presents a diverse range of case studies of programmes attempting to use information and commuication technologies as an integrated component of development programming, addressing economic, social and institutional sustainability. A brief description and the key objectives are provided for each, with a link through to each of the actual studies. The website also includes links to the research report, which provides useful analysis

Politics of health knowledge network


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An interactive website that presents accessible research and credible resources related to health, development and social justice. Each topic, such as HIV/AIDS for example, can be looked at from a range of perspectives: introductory information; talking points and data, analysis and policy studies; case studies and people's stories; positive alternatives and organised action. There is also a reference section and an invitation to contribute

Malaria during pregnancy resource package : tools to facilitate policy change and implementation


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This CD-ROM contains a variety of tools designed to assist policymakers, public health professionals, and health managers in implementing programmes that will reduce the incidence of malaria during pregnancy and provide effective treatment for pregnant women with malaria. The package includes training materials, a ReproLearn Tutorial, job aids, key article abstracts, safety of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine FAQ, case studies, a press kit, and a communication strategy

Estado del arte de los telecentros de Latino América y el Caribe

February 2002

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This document summarises the 'Telecentros' project, supported by the PAN program (Centro Internacional de Investigación para el Desarrollo - CIID). It includes experiences of ICT use in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing details of the lessons learned about training, security, maintenance of the equipment, financing and appropriation of new technologies, among other issues

Communication for development publications

FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO). Communication for Development Group

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This CD-ROM contains publications from the FAO Communication for Development Group. It covers a wide range of searchable topics related to communication for development in many countries. As a compiled source of knowledge and experience, this CD-ROM can be a useful tool of communication itself. It can help policy makers, planners, educators, extension workers and others effectively use communication to inform and educate people about new ideas and technical innovations in agriculture as well as how to take action and direct their own courses of change

Amazon telehealth program


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This website describes the Amazon Telehealth Program, a project for distance education and telemedicine support to a rural medical internship in the Amazon. It is being developed by the EduMed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health, a Brazilian not-for-profit foundation, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Amazonas. The programme facilitates remote communication between medical students completing an internship in rural and aboriginal communities in the Amazon jungle and their teachers in  Manaus' University Hospital and other supporting hospitals, in order to solve the problems they face, by means of voice and video transmissions over the Internet and satellite. It helps them to improve the public services for health prevention and care in those regions, thus increasing the quality of life of their populations

Getting research into policy and practice (GRIPP)

POPULATION COUNCIL. Frontiers in Reproductive Health (FRONTIERS) programme

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This website is a resource for researchers to aid them in changing policy by directly accessing and communicating with policy makers. The website has three components. One is a database of case studies documenting the process of getting research into practice. This gives an opportunity to researchers to share their experiences. The second section (on the left hand side of the website) comprises links to web pages for each component of the GRIPP process, giving examples of factors to consider and directions to resources relating to each step of the process. The third aspect of the website is a list of more general GRIPP related resources and a place where it is hoped that researchers will contribute comments related to both the content and activities of the website

Information society : emergent technologies and development communities in the South

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This website contains Information Society Research Group/ DFID research project reports on ICT and telecommunications use in Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica and India. These reports analyse ICT usage and impact on development opportunities in urban and rural sites. The reports discuss the impact of ICTs on health and welfare, civil society, education, gender equity and livelihood/economy in these environments

Good ICT practices


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This excellent website presents case studies, good practices, policy insights and guidance on implementation regarding ICT in development activities. It includes 'lessons learned' sections dedicated to ICT in health, agriculture, education and business, and a well-researched 'key documents' listing. Background information and definitions are clear and well-presented, offering a thorough introduction to the topic and sensitive analysis. Designed for use by DANIDA staff and partners, it will be useful to other donors, policy-makers, programme planners and implementers throughout the development sector

iConnect Online

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The iConnect website provides case stories, news and critical articles which discuss issues in ICTs for development. It seeks to promote exchange of experiences and knowledge on the use of information and communication technologies for development. Partly funded by the Building Communication Opportunities (BCO) initiative, iConnect draws content from its partners, links resources and expertise and encourages collaboration. Searching for the term 'health' in the search box retrieves over 200 resources. These range from short reports to project briefings, case studies and online discussions

Health Journalism Partnership

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This website offers information on HIV/AIDS reporting. The 'analysis' section presents a database of journalism training organisations around the globe; 16 country profiles that highlight the gaps and needs in health journalism support; and in-depth case studies of where supporting health journalism has made an impact on health coverage and outcomes. The site also includes background information on the project, information about its 'small grants' scheme, and a listing of useful websites and databases. The HJP project is a collaboration of Internews Network, Panos London and the International Center for Journalists

Soul Beat Africa : social change

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This is the 'social change' page in the 'thinking' section of Soul Beat Africa, a joint initiative of Soul City and the Communications Initiative. It lists and links to about 20 resources, from papers and commentaries to interviews and case studies, on this topic

ICT stories : competition winners


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This website is devoted to the annual competition winners of the ICT competition that is hosted by InfoDEV and IICD. The site contains an overview of the competition and summaries of the various winning projects. It presents a range of case studies illustrating innovative ICT use in developing countries

Education : towards inclusion


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This section of the UNESCO's education website hosts definitions of concepts, policies and publications relating to inclusive education. UNESCO has identified certain issues as 'flagship initiatives', to strengthen efforts at addressing the issues through partnerships between UN bodies and other stakeholders. Case studies, support materials for teachers and those promoting inclusive education, and a set of guides to the education of different groups of learners are also available in the online materials section



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This portion of the USAID website presents background information and US governemnt policy, projects, studies and success stories about working to combat HIV and AIDS


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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