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ICT for development case studies : Central America|Estudios de caso TIC para el desarrollo

OP DE COUL, Maartje
December 2003

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The BDO programme aims to address key barriers and opportunites for ICTs in achieving development targets. As part of the BDO programme a series of case studies have been conducted by OneWorld International to help give decision makers a clear understanding of how civil society is actually using information and communication technologies, and what their impact is. The Central America case studies look at a technoclub for young people, a feminist radio station and a cultural video production project in Costa Rica; and a website for agricultural workers, telecentre and internet portal on deomcratisation, an anti-corruption project, and a project focusing on human rights of homosexuals in El Salvador

Information and communication technologies [whole issue]

December 2000

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Discusses the 'digital divide' between rich and poor countries, and how this affects African NGOs: their internal communications; networking with other organisations; ICT initiatives and their effect on local and institutional processes; priorities and challenges posed by ICTs; possible advantages and disadvantages. Primarily around Internet and electronic communications; also includes one article on the use of video in participatory rural appraisal

Scenarios from the Sahel : working in partnership to prevent HIV/AIDS. Replication guide

ENGER, Daniel

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Detailed description of a programme whereby young people in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso collaborate with leading African film directors to produce short films that are then broadcast throughout the continent. This guide is designed to be useful to replicators as they go about project planning, fundraising, project implementation, and monitoring and evaluation


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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