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Enabling Australia : inquiry into the migration treatment of disability

June 2010

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This report examines the assessment of health and community costs associated with a disability as part of the health test undertaken for Australia visa processing. It highlights the current approach and provides recommendations for improvement. Case studies and tables are provided. This report is useful for people interested in the migration treatment of disability in Australia

Social development and the 'information revolution' : lessons from research in Senegal

POWELL, Michael
March 2004

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This paper brings together a series of research studies that explore the scope of ICT-driven social change in Senegal. The studies focus on government, media, and business, as well as the health and education sectors. Several other studies looked at a broad range of social settings and collected statistics on the public use of ICTs. The paper presents the main findings of the research, and draws out policy implications

Chronic poverty and disability

YEO, Rebecca

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This report summarises the interconnections between disability and chronic poverty. After giving general information about different stakeholders, principles and structures, it presents two case studies (from India and Uganda) where action is being taken to mitigate or reduce chronic poverty among disabled people


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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