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Building skills in analysis and writing : reflecting on an international training course


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This report documents the challenges and lessons of a workshop designed to build participants' skills in developing case studies. It describes several of the training techniques in some detail, such as the focus on analysis at all stages in the writing process, and the need to associate case study development with storytelling, in order to foreground and legitimise the subjective nature of argumentation. The appendices include a suggested agenda for a two-week training course; an example of a case study, and the process that produced it; suggested energisers and evaluation tools; and outlines for an adaptable manual and CD-ROM based on this training course

Advocacy : a practical guide. With polio eradication as a case study

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). Department for Vaccines and Biologicals
October 1999

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This practical guide outlines four basic steps that are essential for an effective advocacy initiative -- documenting the situation, packaging the message, working with the media and mobilizing others. It contains specific examples and ideas, and leaves it up to the user to choose and adapt those appropriate to the local context and culture


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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