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With the support of multitudes : using strategic communication to fight poverty through PRSPs


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This book is timely and relevant. It makes the crucial point that while building support for Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs) is vital to success, such support will not happen without planned, deliberate and sustained efforts to involve the citizenry in an open and inclusive process of two-way communication. This is what is meant by strategic communication. The book gives case studies from all over the world, provides good graphical analysis to prove findings. It was produced in order to improve the chances of success of PRSs in two ways; to show policymakers how strategic communication can help them to achieve some of their objectives in formulating and executing effective PRSs; and to give those actively engaged in the execution of PRSPs guidance on best practice as well as lessons from a community of practice spread around the world

Do PRSPs deliver ? The Ghana case study

BUCKLE, Gilbert

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Paper considers the health content of Ghana's PRSP and its link with resources for health and their allocation. The PRSP stands out because it looks beyond the income dimension of poverty and its broad stakeholder support

Health in poverty reduction strategy : Bangladesh perspective

December 2003

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Case study analyses whether Poverty Reduction Programs (PRSPs) are delivering for health. Case study describes obstacles faced by the poor in accessing health services. Paper advocates a need for bottom up process with more involvement of the poor in policy formulation and implementation

Masters of their own development? : PRSPs and the prospects for the poor


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This book examines the PRSP approach, drawing on four country studies and secondary information. It identifies 18 areas for improvement, grouped around issues of process, content and resources. It also considers four contextual problems that pose a challenge to the success of PRSPs. Overall its tone is constructive and positive, and it notes some notable achievements for which PRSPs can take credit


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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