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ICTs and the fight against HIV/AIDS in India : the SAATHII experience

January 2005

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This article explores the work of SAATHII - Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in India - a non-profit organisation launched in 2000 to facilitate dialogue among the diverse sectors involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in India. The author reports on the organisation's use of various ICTs to provide information in a range of ways to activists, volunteers, NGO programme personnel, funders and policy makers, and also examines the lessons learned so far

Developing web-empowered communications strategies


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This online guide emphasises that the web is a key communication medium and looks at ways to transfer communication skills from other media to web communications. The introduction notes how the development of a website can spark analysis of an organisation's broader communication strategy. Audience analysis, understanding organisational communication practices, what components need to be included in a web communications strategy, and the links between internal and external communication are covered. Case studies demonstrate several components of the guide

Voices for change : rural woman and communication

BALIT, Silvia

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This book describes how, in the current climate of political and socio-economic change, communication can play a decisive role in promoting food security and rural development. By fostering a dialogue between rural people and other sectors of society, communication processes can empower both women and men to provide information and knowledge as a basis for change and innovation. It can give rural women a voice to advocate changes in policies, attitudes and social behaviour or customs that negatively affect them. The book briefly explores these complicated ideas, focussing on how communication processes can be harnessed. It then describes how different technologies, from the internet, video and radio, to traditional media, can be used. It is illustrated with brief case studies throughout

Bridge builders : African experiences with information and communication technology

Office of International Affairs

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This volume tells sixteen first-person accounts of how information and communication technologies (ICT) have been successfully introduced into institutions for the benefit of scientists and engineers in sub-Saharan Africa. The authors provide case studies that focus on the lessons learned in designing and implementing projects dealing with scientific and technological information (STI) and that examine the impacts these projects have had. The projects demonstrate just how much can be accomplished through leadership, dedication, and determination

Health e Communication : an online resource for health communication practitioners


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Health e Communication provides an on-line resource for health communication practitioners designed to grow and evolve as case studies, planning models, research and evaluation documents are added. Lectures and speeches are submitted and peer reviewed. It is an open process that asks people to: submit the resources they find most useful; assess the resources others have submitted; share ideas on what works and why; and generate an evolving collective perspective around resources, approaches, and trends in health communication.
Useful facilities include top ten lists and dynamic resource lists. Content is browsable by category: 'case studies', 'planning and thinking', 'research and evaluation', and 'lectures and speeches', or searchable through a free-text search box. The site hosts 'HealtheComm News' - an e-mail newsletter which identifies key themes and findings, and also points out new content and opportunities for interaction with others in the health communication field


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