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Enabling Australia : inquiry into the migration treatment of disability

June 2010

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This report examines the assessment of health and community costs associated with a disability as part of the health test undertaken for Australia visa processing. It highlights the current approach and provides recommendations for improvement. Case studies and tables are provided. This report is useful for people interested in the migration treatment of disability in Australia

A civil society forum for Africa and the Middle East on promoting and protecting the rights of street children

March 2004

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[Publisher's abstract:] In March 2004, Consortium for Street Children coordinated a Civil Society Forum for North Africa and the Middle East. This conference was the fifth in a series of regional forums organised by CSC with the aim of bringing together key NGOs and government representatives from selected countries to exchange experiences and formulate recommendations for the promotion and protection of the human rights of street children within each region. Ten countries from North Africa and the Middle East participated in the forum: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen

Open source in developing countries


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This study discusses the history of open source, how open source works, and why developers contribute to open source. After examining open source markets and business models, it presents a strategy framework and strategy map for developing countries to go down the open source path. Finally, it presents a classification of the current status of developing countries in relation to its IT policy and infrastructure and how a donor agency can assist in exploiting open source to create value in the economy. A case study of Sri Lanka illustrares how the donor action plan, strategy implementation and strategy map all tie together

Training and skill acquisition in the informal sector : a literature review

LIIMATAINEN, Marjo-Riittaa

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This study is a collection of literature surveys and case studies that presents experiences related to skills development in informal economies, focusing on developing and transition countries from the 1990s. It provides information about the informal sector, training and skills development, and related policies issues. It examines the impact of skills training on employment, incomes and working conditions. It is would be useful for policy makers and practitioners interested in training and skill acquisition in the informal sector

Brazil's HIV/AIDS treatment programme

February 2001

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It is estimated that 540,000 Brazilians have HIV/AIDS, with the highest prevalence among the poor. However, Brazil treatment programmes have been comparatively successful and AIDS mortality rates have decreased significantly. This fact sheet attempts to explain the reasons for the success but also assesses weaknesses and unresolved issues of the Brazilian programme

A presentation of the Rehabilitation Programme in Palestine


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This brochure presents ten years of experience from a Rehabilitation Programme (RP) in Palestine. The RP works on three levels: community, regional and national. The needs of person with disabilities and approaches to meet are seen from the community level, therefore community-based rehabiliation is the overall program strategy


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