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Improving access to antiretroviral treatment in Cambodia

September 2003

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This report looks at how to increase access of people living with HIV to ARV treatment, building on the experience of KHANA and its partners. Its major recommendations include scaling up care and support, and developing new approaches for community preparedness. It recommends doing this by providing technical and financial support for ongoing information, skills and training, influencing policy, involving people living with HIV/AIDS and communities, encouraging dialogue and collaboration, and making better use of existing structures and services. It includes case studies and a range of useful resources

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS : looking beyond awareness

WILKINS, Marissa

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The social and environmental circumstances that lead vulnerable people to have unprotected sex, exposing them to infections, have to be resolved through addressing the causes of poverty, gender discrimination, and the use of sex as a commodity. This book addresses the impact of HIV without prejudice, by taking a human rights stance. It is useful for trainers, programme planners, policy-makers and CBR programmes


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