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Fostering synergy : enriching HIV and AIDS communication through partnership

November 2007

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This paper brings together the learning from a project to better understand what capacity African organisations need in order to use information and communication strategically in their community-based responses to HIV and AIDS. Through an evaluation of the work, which involved 11 partners working in six countries, valuable insights were gained into how such capacity needs can be assessed, understood and met in a long-term, sustainable way

Using ICTs for development


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This list highlights key resources for building capacity within NGOs to creatively and effectively use information and communication technologies (ICTs). The resources will be useful for people who want to use electronic communication methods for knowledge management, documentation, facilitating discussions or networks, promoting an organisation or project, or distributing publications. The resources give practical and strategic guidance on using websites, email, databases and online discussions

Advancing health communication : the PCS experience in the field

PIOTROW, Phyllis Tilson
et al
March 2003

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"This guide for health communication programs is based on the worldwide experience of the Population Communication Services (PCS4) project from 1995-2002... "This report is designed to help organizations carry out effective communication programs by addressing step-by-step some of the major problems likely to arise and by focusing on problem-solving in the rapidly changing field of health communication"

Fighting rural poverty : the role of information and communication technologies|[What can information and communication technologoes (ICTs) do for the world's 900 million extremely poor people who live in rural areas?]


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This paper brings together some presentations, key issues and recommendations emerged during the discussion in a side event organised by IFAD at the WSIS. The paper calls for greater emphasis on communication rather than on technology, and on the process and content rather than on access and machines. Effective ICT deployment must satisfy the need for ownership, local content, language, culture and appropriateness of technology used. Crucially, communication initiatives should aim at strengthening the capacities of rural people to participate in policy processes

Documenting and communicating HIV/AIDS work : a toolkit to support NGOs/CBOs


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This toolkit looks at planning documentation and communication, so that lessons from the work of NGOs and Community Based Organisations are captured and shared with others. Includes sections on: introducing communication and documentation; planning, designing and evaluating particular documentation 'products'; and building documentation and communication skills. Also includes a range of useful handouts and workshop session outlines, and 12 'information cards' relating to specific communication 'products' such as newsletters, or radio programmes


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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