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Capacity building in network organisations : experiences from and practical guidelines for HIV and other networks

November 2009

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This report assesses seven capacities of organisations of people living with HIV and other HIV network organisations to see what makes a well-functioning network. These capacities are: involvement and accountability; partnership alliances; leadership; knowledge and skills; internal communication; impact, outputs and external communication; and management and finance. The report looks at four network organisations in Eastern and Southern Africa, with secondary research drawn from networks in Bangladesh, Nepal and India. The findings and recommendations cannot be applied universally to capacity strengthening in all network organisations, but need to be adapted to the context of each particular group

Capacity-building of disabled people's organizations in Mozambique

NCUBE, Jabulani M
May 2005

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This research looks at the relations between disabled people's organisations (DPO) in Mozambique and the Northern NGOs which fund them. It compares the DPOs' definitions of capacity-building and expectations from donors with the actual approaches of Northern NGOs. The research highlights problems but does not make recommendations to improve the situation

Patronage or partnership : local capacity building in humanitarian crises


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This book reviews recent experiences in strengthening local institutions, governmental and non-governmental alike, in six countries on five continents. It examines various aspects of the tensions between international initiatives to save lives or to reconstruct the fabric of societies, and the parallel and sometimes competing international commitment to "capacitation" - to building longer term skills locally. The last chapter reviews the case studies and attempts to draw out the learning in terms of conceptual, operational, political and motivational issues


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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