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Breast crawl : initiation of breast feeding by breast crawl

GANGAL, Prashant

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A documentary and accompanying dossier about breast crawl - the natural ability of a newborn infant to crawl to its mother's breast, latch on and suckle on its own, in the first 45 minutes after being born. Breast crawl is considered a vital component in the 'Infant and Young Child Feeding initiative' in Maharashtra which aims to promote optimal growth and development, prevent malnutrition, and improve child survival. This resource has been created for training and advocacy for wider dissemination

Practical mother, newborn and child care in developing countries


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This CD comprises electronic editions of 'Practical Mother, Newborn and Child Care in Developing Countries' by Prof G J Ebrahim, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Child Health, London. 'An autorun CD with over 260 images/figures, 430 PowerPoint slides, an index of over 90 tables and an index

EuroGrowth : program for monitoring the growth of children


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This CD-ROM contains EuroGrowth charts that have been created for health professionals to individually track the physical growth of children from birth to five years of age. The user can add, monitor and print individual growth data, calculate growth velocity, measure influence of breastfeeding on growth, modify growth by mid-parental height, correct growth for gestational age of premature infants and calculate z-scores. [Abstract courtesy of CAB International]


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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