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Up close and personal : a report into disabled and non disabled people’s attitudes and experiences of relationships in the UK

July 2008

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This report provides the findings from a survey of both disabled and non-disabled people regarding their experience of relationships. It emphasises that disabled peopled have the same aspirations for relationships as non-disabled people, as well as the same anxieties about confidence and meeting the right person. Statistical findings and people’s voices are presented to further explore disabled people's and non-disabled people's assumptions, attitudes and perspectives about relationships

Talking about sex and disability


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The aim of this joint issue of AIDS Action and CBR News is to raise awareness of disabled people's sexual health needs and to explore how social attitudes to both disability and HIV make people less able to live productive and fulfilled lives. Many disabled people and people with HIV now have much experience of challenging this discrimination. Being disabled can make a person more vulnerable to HIV infection. Disabled people and their careers need information on sexuality, sexual health and HIV which is appropriate and enables them to take action. Such information is often not relevant to disabled people's needs, or is not available

Women, sex and disability : a triple taboo

NELSON, Daniel

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This article describes how sexuality appears to be a major taboo for disabled women in the regions of Africa and India. It highlights how sexual discrimination towards disabled women exists in society and how they are often at a greater risk of contracting HIV and AIDS


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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