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Community knowledge, attitude, and perceived stigma of leprosy amongst community members living in Dhanusha and Parsa districts of Southern Central Nepal

SINGH, Rakesh
SINGH, Babita
MAHATO, Sharika
January 2019

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The main objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and stigma of leprosy amongst the community members living in Dhanusha and Parsa districts of Southern Central Nepal. A total of 423 individuals were interviewed using a structured questionnaire in Dhanusha and Parsa districts. Data was analyzed using both descriptive (frequency, percentage, median) and statistical inferences.

Framing disability issues in local concepts and beliefs

GROCE, Nora Ellen

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This paper discusses three issues...[for] consideration as part of the evolving discussion of disability in a cross-cultural context. The first concerns seeing socially constructed concepts and beliefs about disability as ideas and attitudes that are often, and increasingly, in transition and not as static conceptual frameworks. The second issue deals with determining the best methodology to understand disability in the individual, family, community and societal setting out of the many methodologies that can be employed in these situations...The third issue is about ensuring that the information gathered is disseminated broadly, which means sharing the information generated not only with those interested in disability issues, but also with those working on issues such as development policy, social change and justice, who know little about disability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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