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Drug promotion : what we know, what we have yet to learn

NORRIS, Pauline
et al

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This is a literature review on drug promotion, summarising current research findings on: professional and lay people's attitudes toward drug promotion; impact of pharmaceutical promotion on attitudes and knowledge; impact of pharmaceutical promotion on behaviour; and interventions carried out to counter promotional activities. The review suggests that promotion affects attitudes and behaviour. However evidence is patchy and more research is needed to verify the relationship between drug promotion and behaviour change

Utz´ Wach´il : health and well being among indigenous peoples


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In this document indigenous people from different parts of the world describe their beliefs and attitudes to health and well being and what they do when they have problems with their health. It aims to provide further evidence of the health challenges facing indigenous peoples so that policy makers and service providers can work more effectively with them to improve their health and well being


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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