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Travelling together

COE, Sue
WAPLING, Lorraine

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This manual outlines a one day course for programming staff to increase the inclusion of disabled people in development programmes. Following a course introduction and timetable, the manual contains three main sections: the first section outlines practical training materials for course activities; the second section provides stories from the course; the third section contains resources and information on disability inclusion. This resource is useful for people interested in disability inclusion in development programmes
Large print, Braille and audio versions are available upon request from the publisher

Youth at risk : the role of skills development in facilitating the transition to work


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This paper explores the issue the issue of skills development for youth-at-risk, including the economically vulnerable and the socially excluded. Good examples of training programmes and projects are provided, and innovative approaches are highlighted. This resource would be useful to people interested in youth-at-risk and the role of skill development in facilitating their transition to work

Viewing the world : a study of British television coverage of developing countries. Summary

July 2000

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This study analyses the British television coverage of developing countries from three different approaches: in terms of its content, in relation to the audience response and in relation to the production and broadcasting policy. It shows that television contributes to the viewers' negative perception of the developing world, and that broadcasters often doubt that viewers might have a real interest in international and global issues. The study highlights the need for a new approach, and urges for television programmes to be more informative and comprehensible


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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