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Maternal survival toolkit


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This toolkit explores ways of influencing behaviours and encouraging use of health services and health professionals during childbirth and the postpartum period. A number of factors can prevent pregnant women from accessing skilled care, often putting themselves and the child at risk. They include availability of health services and high costs but also, and crucially, local culture, family and community behaviours and traditional practices. The CHANGE Project's approach, and this tool in particular, stress locally appropriate, behaviour-based interventions that integrate what is happening in homes, communities and health facilities. Key topics discussed include: seeking skilled care; seeking skilled care early postpartum; birth preparedness; providing skilled care. For each topic a summary is provided together with a range of useful tools and documents. This tool is aimed at organisations and individuals working in the field of mother and child health, and willing to look at maternal and child survival issues from a behaviour change perspective



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This is a database of around 7,000 useful plants of tropical Africa. It details the scientific and vernacular names, the geographical distribution, properties and uses of each plant and incudes diagrams and images

IASTAM newsletter

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Back issues of this newsletter, from 1982-2016 are available online
Issues produced irregularly
To receive current issues a subscripton to IASTAM is required

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights newsletter

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The WGNRR is an international network of groups and individuals supporting reproductive rights for women. The newsletter contains features, news, current campaigns and activities, research, reports, letters and reviews, drawn from all the information received. Members and others regularly reprint and distribute this information in their own countries, often in translation, and use it in their work
Four times a year

IAC CI-AF newsletter

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Up-to-date information on progress made in the campaign against harmful traditional practices at regional, national and international levels. Includes reports from Africa, information on international meetings and measures taken at the UN and country levels for the eradication of female genital mutilation
Once a year