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We're too much in 'to do' mode: action research into supporting international NGOs to learn

Smit, Maaike
February 2007

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This paper has been produced by INTRAC (International Training and Research Centre) and PSO (an association of 45 development NGOs in the Netherlands). Using the experience of NGOs in the Netherlands, it is designed to support International NGOs in the process of organisational learning. The key focus is on 'self knowledge' - analysing how your organisation can reflect on its learning processes and capacities. The paper provides a practical exploration of how researchers and participants from organisations can use action research to evaluate organisational learning with a view to improving practice. This paper would be highly relevant for managers, consultants, researchers and other professionals involved with organisational learning within NGOs

Action learning sets

PAY, Chris

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This guidance note outlines the Action Learning Set approach, a structured way of learning from experience. It is based on the learning cycle, consisting of four key stages: action, reflection, learning and planning. This brief document presents the principles which underline this methodology, and give practical advices on how to put action learning into practice through simple steps. Contains suggestions for further reading and resources on the topic


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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