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Unsafe abortion

August 2007

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This edition of Health Focus looks at a major global health problem: the danger to women from abortions performed by people who lack the skills and/or are carried out in unhygienic circumstances. It includes reports on the health and economic costs of unsafe abortions, the reduction of abortion costs to health systems, and considers the need for a change in international abortion policy

Call for action. Governments: take responsibility for women's health! Primary health care and women's reproductive and sexual rights : where are we today?


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This Call for Action focuses on the promises of the Alma Ata Declaration that held so much potential for improving the health of people worldwide. It looks at why the promises of the declaration were never fulfilled, and how women's sexual and reproductive rights have been integrated into the concepts of primary health care. It calls on all governments to take responsibility for the health of women

Women's global network for reproductive rights (WGNRR)

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The Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights is an autonomous network of groups and individuals in every continent who aim to achieve and support reproductive rights for women. It offers critical and feminist analysis and consistently places issues of reproductive and sexual health rights within the larger socio-economic context by means of a newsletter, website, campaigns, an annual Call for Action, participation in relevant international meetings, networking and coalition-building

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights newsletter

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The WGNRR is an international network of groups and individuals supporting reproductive rights for women. The newsletter contains features, news, current campaigns and activities, research, reports, letters and reviews, drawn from all the information received. Members and others regularly reprint and distribute this information in their own countries, often in translation, and use it in their work
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