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A review of income transfers to disabled and long term sick people in seven case study countries and implications for South Africa

NOBLE, Michael
April 2006

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This resource examines seven international case studies of state income maintenance policies for individuals who are disabled or long-term sick in order to analyze the current debates in South Africa surrounding the Disability Grant. The countries are: India, Mexico, USA, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, and Canada. The purpose is to provide an overview of the various benefits and the nature of social security coverage for disabled people and chronically sick individuals in each country. This work would be useful for anyone with an interest in social protection, public policy and disability

Strengthening the role of disabled people in community based rehabilitation programmes


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This paper, originally an address given in a workshop on CBR in Indonesia in 1994, presents the need to strengthen the role of disabled people in community based rehabilitation programmes. It focuses on the need for rehabilitation of society and not the disabled person, and enablement issues. It also details a primary health project in Mexico PROJIMO, which has disabled staff members on the team, and the benefits of this. The final section is about disabled rights issues and how to strengthen disabled peoples’ roles in society