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Roll Back Malaria : a global partnership


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The RBM Partnership to End Malaria is the largest global platform for coordinated action towards a world free from malaria. It is comprised of over 500 partners - from community health worker groups and researchers developing new tools, to malaria-affected and donor countries, businesses and international organisations.

Handbook on Disability Services


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The Online Handbook on Disability Services in Finland supports social workers in their work with persons with disabilities. Information is available on disability rights and legislation, disability services and research and statistics

Community eye health|an international journal to promote eye health worldwide

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Provides continuing education for ophthalmologists, doctors, ophthalmic assistants, nurses and community health workers in developing countries. Features review articles and research updates on prevention of blindness as well as practical information on clinical procedures and treatment. Covers all aspects of eye care, with up-to-date information on ophthalmic practice and opinion. Places particular emphasis on the methods of prevention and cure available to community health workers
Four times a year
Free (developing countries)

Ethiopian journal of health development|official journal of the Ethiopian Public Health Association

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The EJHD is a not-for-profit peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes analytical, descriptive and methodological articles, reviews, brief communications and commentaries on public health issues, to inform current research, policy and practice in all areas of common interest to scholars in the field of public health. The journal publishes materials relevant to a wide range of disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary studies. The EJHD is jointly managed and run by the School of Public Health, Addis Ababa University and the Ethiopian Public Health Association.

NDA : National disability authority


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This website provides information on a range of key issues, including: employment and training, health, education, accessibility and equality. It has been set up by the National Disability Authority, a state agency which provides policy advice to the Irish Government on disability issues. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in disability, legislation and government policy

World development indicators


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World Development Indicators (WDI) is the primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates.


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Infolep is the international knowledge center for access to (digital) information resources on leprosy and related subjects. The Infolep portal ( offers easy access to over 30,000 publications including many with a link to the free full text. Visit the electronic library to find a unique collection of information resources on leprosy, key topics like prevention of leprosy, diagnostic testing, prevention of disability, stigma and mental health issues.

Infolep provides scientists, professionals, and others working in the field of leprosy with knowledge and information to support their daily work. Infolep also offers library services such as access to subscription-only articles and assistance with literature searches for those unable to do this themselves.

Each month a newsletter is sent out with an overview of new publications on leprosy.

Immunization newsletter [formerly: EPI newsletter]

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The Immunization Newsletter is published in Spanish, English and French by the Comprehensive Family Immunization Unit of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO). Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information concerning immunization programs in the Region, in order to promote greater knowledge of the problems faced and their possible solutions. Prior to 2015, the Immunization Newsletter was published every two months, but it is currently being published quarterly.

African Palliative Care Association

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Palliative care is seen as a vital component in the care of people with progressive, life-limiting illnesses (including HIV/AIDS). The Africa Palliative Care Association works to promote and support affordable and culturally appropriate palliative care throughout Africa, including to orphans and vulnerable children.
A pan-African organisation ensuring that palliative care is widely understood, integrated into health systems at all levels and underpinned by evidence in order to reduce pain and suffering across Africa

Disability dialogue [formerly CBR news]

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Disability Dialogue exchanged information between disabled people and development, health and rehabilitation workers, and aims to promote disability equality, and good policy and practice. It focused on practical information about community approaches and appropriate equipment.
The first three issues of Disability Dialogue and the last four issues of CBR News, produced by Healthlink Worldwide, are available
Publication has now ceased

Health action

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Provides a forum for exchange of experiences in implementing programmes in primary health care and related fields. Health Action is the newsletter of the Healthlink Worldwide programme, Information for District Health Action (IDHA)
Four issues are available online

African policy on disability and development


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This website provides an insight into a three-year project to investigate the need for disability to be included on the agenda of national and international development initiatives. It offers some resources and links related to policy, disability and development, hosts a forum and highlights updated news and events. Details are provided for four country-specific case studies: Malawi, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. African policy on disability and development is a joint project between the Centre for Global Health, Trinity College Dublin, The Secretariat of the African Decade for Persons with Disabilities, and the Centre for Rehabilitation Studies at Stellenbosch University. This website is a useful resource for people who are interested in disability and development policy issues in Africa

Early childhood counts : rights from the start


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The Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development, is a consortium of agencies, donors, NGOs and foundations that links with regional-based Early Childhood Care and Development networks involved in programming, research, policy-advocacy, monitoring and evaluation for young children (0-8) at risk in the South. It works actively to identify gaps, critical issues and emerging areas of need and interest related to ECCD . The site has useful information and contacts relating to children aged between 0-8 years.The library catalogue can be searched for useful publication details. Titles and abstracts as well as full documents can be downloaded

EuRADE : European research agendas for disability equality


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This website provides information about the project European Research Agendas for Disability Equality (EuRADE). It outlines the project, provides updated news and events, and contains links to related resources. The aim of the project is to increase and enhance the full participation of disabled people's organisations (DPOs) as equal and active partners in future research initiatives. This website is useful for researchers and organisations interested in DPO involvement in Europe

The Africa campaign on disability and HIV & AIDS


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This document gives a brief and condensed overview of the background and activities of the Africa Campaign on disability and HIV and AIDS. It is useful for everybody who would like to learn more about this disability and HIV and AIDS initiative

Global health promotion

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The journal aims to: publish academic content and commentaries of practical importance; provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for the dissemination and exchange of health promotion, health education and public health theory, research findings, practice and reviews; publish articles which ensure wide geographical coverage and are of general interest to an international readership; provide fair, supportive, efficient and high quality peer review and editorial handling of all submissions