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Bringing HIV prevention to scale : an urgent global priority

Global HIV Prevention Group
June 2007

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This report argues that there needs to be a major increase in HIV prevention services across the world in order to stem the HIV epidemic. It looks at projections for the epidemic with and without a scaled-up prevention response, defines prevention 'scale-up', identifies barriers to achieving this and looks at four countries which have successfully overcome those barriers: Thailand, Brazil, Uganda and Senegal

Towards a disability-inclusive emergency response : saving lives and livelihoods for development


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"This article, based on the extensive experience of Handicap International in the field of emergency actions, describes why taking into account disability at an early stage of a crisis (or even better in a disaster preparedness phase) can prevent complications, diminish the number of disabled victims and so safe lives and livelihoods. It also gives some ideas to improve practice"
Zeitschrift Behinderung und Dritte Welt : Journal for Disability and International Development, No 1


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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