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Using social transfers to improve human development

February 2006

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This note provides an introduction to how social transfers - particularly cash transfers and vouchers - can improve human development, particularly for the extreme poor and socially excluded

On the margins : violence against women with disabilities

NAIDU, Ereshnee
et al
April 2005

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This report explores why disabled women are more susceptible to violence then non-disabled women. It further examines how service providers respond to their needs, and the barriers associated with accessing proper assistance. The authors also investigate the role of government in providing health services that provide equal and adequate support. This work tackles issues of social isolation, stigma, and human rights

Speaking freely : HIV social movements . Oral testimony


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36 oral testimonies from members of HIV social movements in South Africa and Namibia in which they share their personal stories about HIV, their visions for change and their experiences of participating in social movements. The key themes include identity; motivation for being involved in a movement or support group; representation; gender; and voice.


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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