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Inclusion of people with disabilities in emergency situations : the case of the Sierraleonean refugee-camps on the Guinea border


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"In this article, the author looks at a Handicap International’s project towards people with disabilities in a civil war situation. Hundreds of thousands of Sierraleonean refugees amassed at the end of the nineties in refugee-camps in neighbouring Guinea. Many of them became victims of outrageous atrocities, notably the maiming of innocent civilians, men, women and children, by cutting off hands or lower-arms. Handicap International developed a double track approach which is elaborated in various domains (rehabilitation, health, education, vocational training, habitat, micro-credit, etc.) moving towards main-streaming disability in emergency response"
Zeitschrift Behinderung und Dritte Welt : Journal for Disability and International Development, No 1

Sierra Leone and civil war : neglected trauma and forgotten children

HEEREN, Nicolas

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This article describes the work of Handicap International in working with children and young people in Sierra Leone. It emphasises how the particular nature of different forms of torture created links between the children’s physical trauma and the psychological suffering. This article is useful for practitioners who are working with children and young people who have been the victims and perpetrators of violence
Humanitaire, No 9


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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