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CBR for inclusive development

March 2015

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A short documentary on community based rehabilitation and disability-inclusive Nepal. This video presents good practices as well as challenges in all domains of the CBR Matrix

Disability inclusion : translating policy into practice in humanitarian action

March 2014

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This report “documents positive practices and ongoing challenges to promote disability inclusion across UNHCR’s and its partners’ work in multiple countries and multiple displacement contexts. The report provides lessons and recommendations for other organizations and the wider humanitarian community on engaging persons with disabilities at all levels of humanitarian work. It draws on consultations with over 700 displaced persons, including persons with disabilities, their families, and humanitarian staff, in eight countries”

Note: This report is also offered in plain text format

Explosive remnants of war and landmines in Nepal : understandining the threat|Situation analysis and recommendations for future action

December 2006

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This resource coordinates and collects the data required to support the five pillars of international mine action: advcocacy, stockpile destruction, mine risk education (MRE), demining (mine surveying, marking and clearance), victim assistance (VA). The aim is to effectively advocate and raise awareness. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in international treaties, advocacy and legislation regarding land mines


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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