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Asia Disability Toolkit


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Community Business works with companies to build disability confidence and remove barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities. Asia Disability Toolkit provides ideas and resources to support companies to plan activities and raise awareness internally. 

Eight ideas are provided:

Engage your disability network; learn about the "this is me" campaign; share an interesting video or TED talk; run a Lunch and Learn session; facilitate a discussion - show a movie or run a book club; host a training workshop; review accessibility; share top tips. Resources and suggestions are provided for each of the activities.


Other resources are also given: research, articles and disability organisations in the area.


Use of ICT for HIV/AIDS responses

January 2005

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Innovative use of ICTs for wider outreach, networking, advocacy and to bridge the digital divide in HIV/AIDS has been an integral part of the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme. This article explores some of the key projects and also covers UNDP's initiatives for mainstreaming ICT in India


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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