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Reforming farm journalism : the experience of Adike Pathrike in India

PADRE, Shree
TRIPP, Robert
July 2003

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This paper examines the experience of an innovative farm magazine published in India. It introduces the background and origins of the magazine, discusses the characteristics that distinguish it from most other farm publications (in particular its insistence on farmer reporting and verification), and examines some of the implications of the magazine's experience for farmer communication and the provision of information. It finds that farmers react very positively to information relayed from other farmers and that significant investment is required to develop farmer-journalists and collaborators. One identified policy implication is that agricultural journalism should not be seen as reporting finished products but rather as fostering extended communication among farmers about their adaption of technology

Prajateerpu : a citizens jury. Scenario workshop on food and farming futures for Andhra Pradesh, India


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Prajapeertu ('people's verdict') was devised as a means of allowing the people most affected by the Andhra Pradesh government's Vision 2020 for food and farming to shape a vision of their own. The members of the jury, drawn from communities of small and marginal farmers, interrogated a range of witnesses including representatives from the Government of AP, a transnational agrochemical company, NGOs, universities and government advisory panels and compared alternative development models for the rural economy. They rejected land consolidation, displacement of rural people, contract farming, GM crops, and mechanisation, all of which formed part of Vision 2020, and instead called for self-reliance and community control over resources and recognition of local knowledge and institutions. The report covers the methodology and implementation of, and rationale behind, deliberative democracy and citizen empowerment, and how these processes can be used to further political change, human rights, social justice, and empowerment. [Publisher's abstract]


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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