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Explosive violence in areas of civilian concentration

MOYES, Richard
October 2008

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This transcript outlines what Richard Moyes of Landmine Action believes is required to reform policy on landmines and cluster munitions. He draws on current patterns of explosive violence to support his points and the legality and acceptability of explosive force in areas populated by civilians

Counting the cost : the economic impact of cluster munition contamination in Lebanon

May 2008

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The aim of this report is to determine the economic costs of the cluster munition contamination that was caused during the 2006 conflict in Lebanon. The primary focus areas include: the cost of loss to agricultural production; the cost of responding to contamination through international clearance and risk reduction operations; and the economic cost of deaths and injuries. It concludes with summary results of the estimated financial cost of cluster munitions

Cluster munitions in Kosovo : analysis of use contamination and casualities

MOYES, Richard
February 2007

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This report consists of a detailed assessment of the use of cluster munitions in Kosovo. More specifically, it draws on data sets to examine the claims and counterclaims of humanitarian organisations and of user governments. It concludes with an analysis of how key governments responded to lessons learned from cluster munition use and there impact in Kosovo

M85 : an analysis of reliability

KING, Colin

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This is a detailed analysis of cluster munition performance based on survey and clearance of contaminated sites in southern Lebanon. Specifically, the focus is on the M85 bomblet. This report concludes that despite the incorporation of a high-quality SD-mechanism, the overall reliability in combat is worse than has been indicated by tests. A high percentage of cluster munitions remain on the ground as unexploded ordinance. This creates a serious risk of injury to civilian populations

Bosnia's political landmines : a call for socially responsible and conflict-sensitive mine action

BOLTON, Matthew
September 2006

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This report addresses key questions related to the landmine removal process. They include: who carries out demining and what was their record during the conflict? Who benefits politically from the aid given to support mine action? Who act as ‘middlemen’ between international donors and the local deminers and to what uses do they put their profit?

Out of control : the UK Government’s efforts to understand cluster munitions and international humanitarian law

November 2005

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This report analyses UK government practices regarding cluster munitions and the implementation of international humanitarian law. The findings point to fundamental inadequacies in UK government practice and also highlight serious areas of concern for broader international humanitarian legislation. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in government policy, advocacy and humanitarian law

Explosive remnants of war : ERW in Sri Lanka

CAVE, Rosy

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This resource examines the type of munitions that comprise ERW (unexploded remnants) in Sri Lanka and the short- and long-term impact on the lives of individuals and communities. The aim is to advocate against the use by presenting the humanitarian and economic risks