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Bridging the gap – your role in transporting children with disabilities to school in developing countries

January 2017

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This guide provides practical information for people who want to improve transportation for children with disabilities in developing countries. The guide will help parents and their children, teachers, heads of schools, and education officials to improve transport to and from school for children with disabilities. It will help transportation officials and transport providers, as well as agencies promoting sustainable development in developing countries. The guide addresses a variety of circumstances found in it's case studies, ranging from children with disabilities riding on school buses in large cities to children walking to school in some rural areas where roads do not even exist. Key findings and recommendations are presented from research carried out, case studies and interviews with school heads 

Transport for all : what should we measure?


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Environmental factors are addressed in this paper in regard to accessibility. Asking questions alone raises awareness about access effectively. Including disabled people themselves in decision-making is essential and leads to empowerment, better planning of the urban development and relevant evaluation indicators

TB news from India

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The newsletter highlights issues related to Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS control in India, and aims to raise awareness among policy makers, health professionals and the larger community. Includes case studies and research, policy and programmes updates.
Publication has ceased

Access exchange international


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Access Exchange International (AEI) is a non-governmental organization which promotes accessible public transport for persons with disabilities and seniors in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Russia and eastern Europe. This website provides information about AEI, their publications and newsletters, and links to other related resources. This resource is useful to people who are interested in accessible public transport


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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