Scaling up HIV/AIDS programs : a manual for multisectoral planning

SEVERO, Catherine
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125 p

[Publisher's abstract] : The social and economic complexity of the HIV/AIDS epidemic means that a plan for scaling up must be a multisectoral undertaking. Planning and implementing HIV/AIDS programs occur in four stages: (1) the strategy stage, where a country collects baseline data and defines its national goal, (2) the stage of creating partnerships, designing activities, and allocating resources to achieve the goal, (3) the capacity-building stage, and (4) the day-to-day implementation of activities and the institutionalization of processes and systems. This manual is invaluable to those responsible for the second stage. It explains in detail how to determine resource needs and provides templates for defining needs in all areas related to HIV/AIDS, such as medicines, supplies, equipment, training, and construction. It includes instructions and templates for calculating costs and creating budgets. The process yields plans and working groups in areas such as human capacity development, operations research, and monitoring and evaluation

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