Report of the orphan researcher meeting

RUSHBY, Joanne
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This report presents the findings of the Orphan Researcher Meeting sponsored by USAID and held in Durban in June 2004. The purpose of the meeting was to draw out the challenges for improving the welfare of children in the context of Africa’s HIV/AIDS pandemic. The focus of the meeting was to identify lessons learned to date from research that has been conducted with, as opposed to on or about, children. The children had to have been active participants or the defined and specific focus of attention. It was an exploratory exercise to establish a foundation for future work and to draw on experiences from around Africa. The report documents challenges for the coordination of research and welfare interventions, challenges for community based interventions, more general research gaps including those in psycho-social operational research, and challenges for programme design. It considers ethical dilemmas and foundations for responses. There is a sample of research from Africa and a review of ethics literature with specific reference to children

Orphan Researcher Meeting
Health, Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD), University of KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa
31 May - 2 June 2004
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