Report on the CODEP conference 2001. The economics of war and peace : addressing the dilemmas


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This conference focussed on the impact of the global economy on violent conflict and efforts at achieving peace, and the response of civil society at local, regional and international levels. The conference discussed whether globalisation is a new phenomenon, what the implications of globalisation for the dynamics of war and peace are; who the main actors in initiating, prolonging and resolving interstate conflicts are; the extent to which the 'greed versus grievance' framework helps us to understand the motivations of the actors; what other tools are available to help us understand conflict; and what the implications for constructing appropriate policy and programme responses to conflict are. Pages 35-36 (Richard Graham on donor-NGO relations, and pages 42-43 (final evaluation) are particularly useful

Meeting:The Economics of War and Peace : Addressing the DilemmasBrunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London18-20 June 2001 Notes:Printed copies are no longer available