Practitioner’s guide : strengthening civil society organisations in good governance processes : principles and general procedures

Publication Date 
January 2007
7 p, ill

A critical focus of development projects in countries transitioning to democracy has become the strengthening of civil society.  Providing an effective capacity building training programme necessarily begins with a thorough and reliable identification of the potentials, weaknesses and needs of local civil society entities. The method detailed in this section of the guide proposes a seven step process to help civil society organisations improve their governance processes. Compared to many other civil society programmes, it takes a wide view of civil society, working with more than just formally registered NGOs. It focuses on certain functions that civil society groups can perform in a good governance system rather than their legal forms. In addition there is brief guidance on the method, advice on the purpose of the method and who should use it, and a two examples to help users of the method

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