Meeting report of the international policy dialogue on HIV/AIDS and disability

PEAKE, Sharon

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November 2009

The International Policy Dialogue on HIV/AIDS and Disability ..."provided a forum for stakeholders from governments, academia, and non-governmental and multilateral organizations to explore the issues and evidence related to HIV/AIDS and disability, and to chart a way forward in terms of policy and programme development." The objectives..."were: to explore the place of disability in the changing nature of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and the required response; to share and learn from participants' experiences; and to build and reinforce the partnerships needed to sustain a comprehensive global response to HIV/AIDS, which includes issues related to disability"

Meeting:International Policy Dialogue on HIV/AIDS and DisabilityOttawa, Canada11 - 13 March 2009 Serial Title:Journal of the International AIDS Society Serial Part:12:27 Notes:Available as a web page or as a PDF 

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