Making PRSP inclusive

MILLER, Ursula
ZIEGLER, Stefanie

Publication Date 

January 2006
160 p

This handbook presents experiences and proposes ideas and comments on how DPOs and people with disabilities can enter and participate in national Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) processes. It provides an overview of the PRSP process and outlines approaches to PRSP and disability, explaining how to include disability issues in national PRSPs. It explains the three main phases of a PRSP (formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation), and suggests how civil society can participate in the process. Addresses issues related to stakeholders, provides information on process and project management and presents ways of influencing policies through lobbying and advocacy. It also includes case studies from four countries. This manual is aimed mainly at people with disabilities, and parents' associations (PAs) which intend to participate in their respective national PRSP process

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