Making a difference : training materials to promote diversity and tackle discrimination


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These training materials are designed to help programme staff analyse how discrimination impacts on the lives of children. They encourage NGO staff to understand and embrace the principles of diversity, the underlying causes of discrimination against any group and the approaches they can use to include such issues in their programme and advocacy work, from planning, to implementation, to evaluation. The material is organised into four sequential 'stages': awareness, analysis, action, and gathering information. These stages take staff through: 1. feeling comfortable about taking on work to promote diversity and tackle discrimination, including understanding why it is so important 2. understanding what makes humanity 'diverse' (multiple identities) 3. understanding where discrimination comes from (the cycle of oppression) 4. the concept of 'barriers' to see how unequal power relations are manifested in reality 5. potential ways to break down barriers 6. tying all of these stages together into a framework to help staff analyse their context and work. 7. putting into place the foundations for action on diversity and non-discrimination. Though designed spefically for Save the Children staff, these materials are readily adaptable to other organisational contexts


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