The influence of HIV/AIDS on community-based rehabilitation in dar es salaam, Tanzania

BOYCE, William
COTE, Laurence

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Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is the method of choice for delivering services for people living with disabilities in many countries. HIV/AIDS is changing the daily lives of many women by adding to their responsibilities. How realistically can such women participate actively in community development activities like CBR? This paper examines the impact of HIV/AIDS on CBR in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Observational sessions and individual interviews were conducted with caregivers of children with disabilities, CBR workers and managers over a three month period. Among the findings was a significant decrease in CBR activities in families affected by HIV/AIDS. This change in family priorities was due to better knowledge of acute diseases and increased stigma of HIV/AIDS in comparison to disability. Older CBR workers were more likely to incorporate elements of HIV/AIDS care with CBR, while younger CBR workers were more likely to avoid HIV/AIDS support. The ability of CBR workers to adapt their working habits to an environment with high HIV/AIDS prevalence is linked to their sense of skill competence and their knowledge/beliefs about risk of infection. Further integration of CBR work with general health development initiatives may improve this situation.

Serial Title:Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal Serial Part:Vol 20, No 1 

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