Global public-private partnerships part I : a new development in health?


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p549 - 561

The proliferation of public-private partnerships is rapidly reconfiguring the international health landscape. This article traces the changing nature of partnership and discusses the definitional and conceptual ambiguities surrounding the term. After defining global public-private partnerships (GPPPs) for health development, it analyses the factors which have lead to the convergence of public and private actors and discusses the consequences of the trend toward partnership between UN agencies and commercial entities in the health sector. Generic factors such as globalisation and disillusionment with the UN, and factors specific to the health sector, such as market failure in product development for orphan diseases, are examined. Reviewed are the interests, policies, practices and concerns of the UN, the private not-for-profit sector, bilateral organisations, and governments of low-income countires with respect to public-private partnership. While GPPPs bring much needed resources to the problems of international health, this article highlights concerns regarding this new organisational format

Serial Title:Bulletin of the World Health Organization Serial Part:Vol 78 No 4 


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