Factors shaping attitudes towards physical disability and availability of rehabilitative support systems for disabled people in rural Kenya

MONK, Julie
WEE, Joy

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This study examines the range of attitudes towards persons with physical disability in a rural community in western Kenya. It also evaluates the availability of services for persons with disabilities in the community. Qualitative data analysis of interview material led to the generation of a model describing the attitudes towards people with disabilities. Availability of services was explored through interview questions and document collection. Perceived cause of disability, perceived characteristics and activities of people with disabilities by the community and perceived role of society, appear to shape the attitudes towards people with disabilities in the community studied. The opinions within these categories contribute to enabling and disabling features of the environment in which people with disabilities live. It appears that services available are underused by disabled members of the community due to poor accessibility and financial barriers. The results yielded relatively enabling attitudes towards PWD. The responses suggest that this community may be ready to support increased participation by its members, possibly through a community based rehabilitation programme.


Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal, Vol 19, No 1

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