Disability Innovation Summit: Inclusive Interactions


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September 2023
6 h 55 min Day 1; 7 h 38 min Day 2

Disability Innovation Summit: Inclusive Interactions [13th & 14th Sept 2023]. Bringing together global experts and new voices to share big ideas and ask the question: What next for disability innovation?

DAY 1: Sharing big ideas and powerful insights

Disability innovation today...the good, the bad, the untold

Inclusive infrastructure: can cities be inclusive?
Innovation: are ecosystems ready to scale for success?
Participation and leadership: No tech about us, without us
What fails: and what's not needed. Disability dongles, failure or learning curve
What works: and why

DAY 2: Exploring a new horizon

Disability innovation tomorrow...what next

Disability justice: a disability innovation ambition or contradiction?
Para sport: a vehicle for community level social change?
Systems Strengthening, Disability innovation and Finance: is it possible to create the mechanisms for change?
Future tech: revolutionary solutions and AI – the new face of disability inclusion?

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