Disability, CBR and inclusive development (DCID), 2014, Vol. 25 No. 1

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Original Research Articles

  • Children with Disability in Nepal: New Hope Through CBR?
  • Breaking the Barriers: Ghanaians’ Perspectives about the Social Model
  • Generation and Content Validation of Mobility Domains and Item Pool for Community-dwelling Individuals
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme Evaluations: Lessons Learned in the Field

Experiential Accounts

  • Physiotherapy Training to Enhance Community-based Rehabilitation Services in Papua New Guinea: An Educational Perspective
  • Community-based Inclusive Education: Best Practices from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Case Studies

  • Using AVAZ to Enhance Communicative Abilities of a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Letters to the Editor

  • Investing in Community-based Physiotherapy

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