Cost analysis of 3D printing services implementation into public services to produce orthoses: An Ugandan case-study

NIZET, Alicia
BRUS, Aude

Publication Date 

December 2022
92 p

3D printing is a new technology and there is a need for producing evidence to justify and demonstrate its associated costs and benefits. Humanity and Inclusion has been implementing an innovative 3D printing project in Uganda, in the Omugo Refugee Settlement, to address the unmet rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities (PETRA Project) since November 2018. This project is implemented in collaboration with the public hospital of the Arua District (Arua Regional Referral Hospital). 


This study aims to calculate implementation and running costs of 3D printing services to produce orthoses in a public service (here ARRH), in addition to traditional services, in a developing context.

Specific objectives:

To define and detail all phases of the patient pathway for the 3D printed orthosis provision(from patients’ identification to orthoses delivery);

To evaluate costs of the 3D printed orthosis procurement (from patients’ identification to orthoses delivery) based on lifetime of digital material;

To give a better understanding on how to implement such a digital service in a public health structure.


The results of this study will allow HI, other organisations, States or potential donor to enrich their decisions on the implementation of 3D-printed orthoses production in their context of intervention - embedded in addition to traditional services or in remote areas where there is no traditional services.


Hypotheses, choices and data are based on the information collected through multiple sources and methodologies (desk review, semi-structured interviews, surveys, workshop, and literature review) and are specific to the context of Arua, Uganda. To calculate all the costs related to the service that produces and delivers 3D-printed orthoses, a matrix has been created.

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